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UCLA/IDEA's Summer Seminar
From July 6 to August 6, IDEA convened with 25 urban youth to examine youth civic learning in four communities across Los Angeles. The youth explored three questions: 1) What civic lessons do young people learn in and outside of Los Angeles-area schools? 2) What does it mean for LA youth to participate powerfully in civic life? 3) How can LA youth learn to participate in such ways? (To read more, click here.)

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Summer Seminar Encourages Political Participation Among Los Angeles Youth
As summer arrives, many teenagers plan on going out with friends or going on trips with their families while others look for summer employment. However, there are those few who choose to spend their summer changing the world. (To read more, click here.)

Student Papers
"The hunger for more knowledge is what feeds the researcher’s drive for evidence. The researcher’s ultimate satisfaction is only granted by a personal sense of completion. We all should be equipped with this hunger."

- Ryan Bell, Crenshaw HS

On Being a Critical Researcher

“Many times, communities surrounding inner city schools are aware that their schools are in shambles. However, what they see is not supplemented with raw data. They know that many kids don’t graduate, but they don’t know the exact percent. If they did, they might be inspired to protest.”

On Being a Critical Researcher

“I’m a good citizen because I participate politically, am involved with my community and school, and I use critical research in my participation.”

Student Videos

VideosTCLA's Video Documentaries

Over the past four years, UCLA's IDEA has supported LA students and parents in the production of short video documentaries about educational equity.

Photo Essay

VideosUCLA/IDEA 2004 Summer Seminar
This past summer, students attending IDEA's summer seminar studied civic participation in Los Angeles' schools. The above link features a photo essay of the seminar.

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