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Resources for the Educational Bill of Rights
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last updated:6/7/02

ACLU Students Rights Handbook

Fair and Authentic Assessment
National Center for Fair & Open Testing
This site is home to an advocacy organization that works to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound.

Harvard Civil Rights Project:
This pdf file provides information about the dangers of high-stakes testing disproportionately penalizing minority students who have had inadequate instruction.

Fair Assessment Practices
This site provides seven steps for equitable assessment while emphasizing that each student should be assessed using methods and procedures most appropriate for that student.

Initiative to Require Political Candidates to take High-Stakes test
This site contains an interview with a Bob Howard, a University of Washington professor who co-sponsors a Washington State Intitiave "Candidates take the WASL" to require candidates to take the same high-stakes test as children are required and have their scores posted in the voter's guide.

Safe Schools
Harvard Civil Rights Project:
This pdf file provides background on zero tolerance policies, school discipline, and the disproportionate number of students of color effected by these policies.

Harvard Civil Rights Project Action Kit:

This action kit contains a question and answer section, legal steps, and contact information for parents and community members to take action on discriminatory discipline practices.

The Advancment Project:

This site discusses research results on the impact of zero tolerance policies around the nation.

Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools
This site offers research-based practices designed to assist school communities identify these warning signs early and develop prevention, intervention and crisis response plans. 

California Department of Education

This site provides links and contains data around school safety that school districts report as required by California State Law.

Public Education Network
This pdf file is the U.S. Department's Community Update focusing on school safety. Included in this report are some suggestions for increasing the safety of schools.

UCLA's Labor and Occupational Safety Health Program
This site documents the outreach work efforts of UCLA's educational programs in the greater Los Angeles area around issues of workers' rights.

Rigorous College-Going Curriculum
Harvard Civil Rights Project:
This pdf file provides background about gate-keeping practices and describes how to identify and take legal action if schools are denying minority students access to advanced courses.

Quality Education for Minorities Network:
This informational page provides information to students and their parents regarding the courses students need to take in high school in order to be well prepared and qualififed to major in Science, Mathematics, and Technology majors at the university level.

University of California A-G Courses Guide:
This web site provides information on the required courses that students need to take in order to be eligible to apply to the University of California.

LA Youth:
This "for teens about teens" web site provides an overview of the Daniels case, a lawsuit filed by the ACLU that exposes the inequities of Advanced Placement course offerings across schools in California.

The Tómas Rivera Policy Institute:
This web site analyzes how high schools’ course offerings are correlated with demographic characteristics of the student body and school location. This site has a nice table that shows how many AP courses are typically offered by school enrollment and the percent of Black and Latino students at the school.

Rethinking Schools:
This article does a nice job explaining the racism and bias that occurs in placing students in "tracks" at schools.

Quality Teachers
Specific to California, this web site offers the latest news around issues of teacher quality. This page provides an overview of the laws and policies of teacher quality in the state of California.

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
This government web site offers information about teacher credentials. Also, you are able to search for a credential of a public school teacher simply by entering in their name into the search engine. The database retrieves the date the credential was given, the expiration date, the type of credential, and if a CLAD credential was also awarded.

The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning
This California centered web site seeks to reform California schools by strengthening California's teaching force. This site also provides a helpful list of links to organizations dealing with teacher quality.

National Education Association - Teacher Quality
This web site offers resources to teachers around issues of teacher quality and professional development.

The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning

This web site contains a special report on the status of the teaching profession in 2001.

National Education Association Checklist for Parents - http://www.nea.org/teaching/quality/checklst.html
This checklist, designed for parents and community members, provide questions to ask principals and school leaders to ensure that only qualified teachers are staffing local public schools.

National Education Association Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides information regarding the status of teacher quality in America.

Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence http://epaa.asu.edu/epaa/v8n1/
This article, written by Linda Darling-Hammond, examines the ways in which teacher qualifications and other school inputs are related to student achievement across states.

Public Education Network
This web site provides information and resources around the Teacher Quality Initiative - helping communities fulfill their responsibilities to ensure that every public middle and high school classroom in America has a qualified teacher.

Education Week
For the fifth year, Quality Counts, Education Week's annual report on public education in the 50 states, chronicles student achievement across the states and grades the states in four areas that are essential to building a high-quality education system.

AACTE EdPolicy Teacher Quality
Provides updated weekly information about teacher quality news and is a clearinghouse of information of news and legislature pertaining to teacher quality.

American Federation of Teachers
This web site offers information on recruitment, preparation, professional development, evaluation and qualification of teachers.

National Council for Teacher Quality
This clearinghouse offers information on news, analysis, and teacher quality policy issues.

US Department of Education page on Teacher Quality
This government page discusses recruiting, teacher preparation, professional development, standards, resources, funding, and teacher stories.

Digest of Education Statistics

This table shows Public School Students' Ratings of the Quality of Teachers and Parental and Community Support for their Schools, by School Location and Students' Race/Ethnicity (in percent): 1996

NAACP Call for Action in Education
This NAACP calls for schools to develop 5 year plans to help equalize educational disparities between different races. Part of this plan should include policies around the quality of teachers in the schools.

The Education Trust
This organization seeks to shine a spotlight on the problem of inequitable teacher distribution, to highlight the communities and states that are trying to solve it; and
to otherwise push, pull, shove and help lead an effort to assure that poor and minority children have teachers of at least the same quality as other children.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
This board has developed standards and certification in order to create high standards for teachers in order to prepare them to assume new power and responsibility in their profession.


CDE School Facilities Fingertip Facts
This web site gives information regarding enrollment growth (by county), classrooms needed (by county), construction data, and bond history.

CDE School Facilities Health and Safety
This web site provides information on lead, air quality, and electromagnetic fields in schools.

CDE Year-round schools Program Guide
This web site provides information about the different year-round schedules, statistical summaries of year-round programs, costs of programs, pros and cons of year-round schooling, and relevant legislation.

LAUSD - New Facilities

This web site provides information on short-term goals, long term goals, and current project status in LAUSD.

LAUSD – My neighborhood school
This web site has a clickable map broken down by LAUSD subdistricts that will provide information on new constructions and additions to old sites.

CA Basic Repairs and Maintenance
This web site provides information based on a 1995 study of inadequate and unsatisfactory building features in California as compared to the rest of the nation. This study includes building features such as roofs, ventilation, and air conditioning.

What has created California’s school facilities predicament?
This web site details some of the events that have led up to our school facilities crisis, including class-size reduction, maintenance and modernization, and growing enrollments. This web site also ties in school reform issues to facility development.

National Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities
This web site provides resources for classroom design, construction costs, community use of schools, and facilities assessment. Especially good is their resource page.

New Schools/ Better Neighborhoods
New Schools / Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) is a civic advocacy organization formed to promote a 21st Century vision for California's urban school districts: new schools should be centers of neighborhoods and likewise, neighborhoods and communities should serve as centers of learning. Great links, media archives, bond funding information and community involvement.

Ed Voice
This web site provides an editorial and information on a proposed bill (SB 709) proposed to convert non-school buildings to school buildings after retrofitting the buildings for academic purposes. (Conservative site)

Educational Resources

California Digital High School Program
This web site outlines the program that placed computers in California high schools.

California School Library Laws
This web site provides links to the California Education Codes that directly relate to public school libraries.

Pupil Textbook and Instructional Materials incentive Program
This education code provides guidelines for obtaining instructional materials or textbooks. Additionally, SB 273 waives some of these guidelines when urgency for materials is declared.

Other Bills of Rights

Library Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights: A Brief History

United States Bill of Rights

UN Declaration of Human Rights

South African Bill of Rights

ACLU Students Rights Handbook

The Youth and Student Bill of Rights

"What We Want, What We Believe: A Teacher Uses the Black Panther Party's Ten Point Program to prompt students to consider today's big issue."

The Panther Party's Ten Point Program:

California Parents' Rights

Derechos de los Padres de Familia

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students' Bill of Educational Rights

Civil Rights Information

Supreme Court Decisions

The Bill of Rights Insitute

The Civil Rights Project

The Advancement Project

Educational Justice Issues

Californians for Justice, "Still Separate, Still Unequal"

Campaign For Fiscal Equity

Advocacy Center for Children’s Educational Success with Standards


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