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    Issue # 1-5

    Teaching to Change LA published the School Accountability Report Card series between November 2002 and July 2003. The School Accountability Report Card series follows the model of the report cards published by law by California school districts. Since often the information reported on SARCS is misleading or inaaccurate, TCLA decided to give parents, students and teachers the opportunity to create their own report cards on their schools. Throughout the year, participating parents, students and teachers reported on the quality of learning materials, teachers, testing, and, safety and democracy at their schools and published their work in the form of pictures, surveys and interviews on the TCLA site. Each issue additionally included TCLA's regular feature articles, interviews with legislators, policy makers and education activists, and columns by regular contributors.

    UCLA © Marty Lipton, 2001Volume 3, Issue #1
    November, 2002

    TCLA introduces the School Accountability Report Card and the school reporting process and includes an interview with Senator Richard Alarcón and an interview with parent activist, Emma Street.

    FountainVolume 3, Issue #2
    Mission & Description
    December 2002

    This issue features school descriptions by students, teachers and parents. Other features include profile sof Los Angeles parent groups, a review of a small start-up public school, a report on a conference about the No Child Left Behind Act, and a report on an art program that teaches critical thinking skills called YouThink.

    Class Drawing: TCLA © 2002Volume 3, Issue #3
    Learning Materials
    February 2003

    Students, parents and teachers report on access to learning materials in this issue. This issue also includes a profile of a Los Angeles parent organization, an interview with educational activist, Alex Caputo-Pearl, an essay on the use of rap and hip-hop to successfully teach literacy skills, an interview with a teacher who boycotted his school, and a host of other vital features.

    Parent U-TurnVolume 3, Issue #4
    Quality Teachers
    March 2003

    This issue focuses on teacher quality and hosts reports on the quality of teaching in Los Angeles schools. Additional features include a tribute to Cesar Chavez by students and teachers, a Peace Page, a review of a conference promoting Popular Education, a profile of a school parent group, and an interivew with Professor Ken Futternick on rating teacher quality.

    School in the Middle: Teens take on toxics (comic cover)Volume 3, Issue #5
    Safe & Democratic Schools
    June 2003

    This double issue highlights the idea of Safe and Democratic schools and features interviews, articles, and reports that address the relationship between safety and democracy. This comprehensive issue features the following: an interview with Rocio Córdoba on access to sexuality education and reproductive rights, an interview with school violence expert, USC Professor Ron Avi Astor, a story about a formally undocumented student, a look at State Assembly Bill 540, letters written to Mayor Hahn from second graders on gang profiling, an essay by two fifth grade teachers about student activism against toy guns, an essay on grass roots organizing and a host of other articles.

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