Teaching to Change LA: An online journal of IDEA, UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education, & Access: Equal Terms in LA: The Struggle for Educational Justice, 1954: Vol.4, No. 1-5, 2003-2004
50 Years - "a right which must be available to all on equal terms" - Brown v. Borad of Education, 1954-2004

icon: dialogue Equal Terms: Youth Summit 2004 -- Issue #3

Youth Summit 2004Youth Summit 2004!

On June 11th, 2004 students from around Los Angeles traveled to UCLA to present their research on Brown v Board of Education to UCLA faculty, staff, and each other. This issue features their work in researching and learning about the historic Brown case.

Image: Artwork99th Street Elementary

Students from 99th Street Elementary reflect on the condition of their school in the 50 years since Brown v Board of Education with artwork, poetry, and videos.

Third grade teacher Kimberly Min and fifth grade teacher Laurence Tan describe their experience of engaging their students in a critical pedagogy in teaching about Brown v Board of Education.

Image: Education On Equal Terms

Teaching Brown: Reflections on a Critical Pedagogy

Third grade teacher Kimberly Min and 5th grade teacher Laurence Tan describe their experience of engaging their students in a critical pedagogy in teaching about Brown v Board of Education.

Explore Global Child Labor - Then and Now

Linda Tubach and the Collective Bargaining Education Project and the Youth Project of UCLA-LOSH is having an outstanding Salary Point workshop on October 15, 16, & 18, 2004 at UTLA. Be the first to sign up for the upcoming Salary Point Workshop. Complete the Registration Form at the bottom of the flyer and e-mail carolf@ile.ucla.edu or fax to Carol Frischman at 310.794.6403.  Also, visit the website, www.losh.ucla.edu and download the new Curriculum on Child Labor and read the new newsletter "NOSHES."

Photo: Jordan HighBuilding Student Power at Jordan High School: The Second Year
Last year, Jordan High School English teacher Sean Leys began working with students to train them in grass-roots organizing techniques. A year later, he reports on the triumphs and difficulties involved in the effort to create student power in an urban school.

Image: State Policy UpdateState Policy Update
Liz Guillen, a policy advocate with Public Advocates, Inc., reports on two recent legislative efforts to address cultural respect in California schools.

Photo: Kirti BaranwalBrown v Board of Education (1954) and L.A. Schools (2004)
Two members of the Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) discuss the history of Brown v Board of Education.

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Image: Ask Parent-U-TurnAsk Parent-U-Turn
Parent-U-Turn, a group of parent advocates based in Lynwood, answer questions from other parents and community members about parent and student rights in regards to the No Child Left Behind Act.

Image: Black & Brown on BrownBlack & Brown on Brown
Jeff Duncan-Andrade interviews Pedro Noguera, a professor in the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University, about his schooling experience growing up in Long Island, New York.

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