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Creating Public Histories on Brown and its Legacy

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Ideas for Teaching About Brown and the Struggle for Equal Terms

Lesson plans and other resources for examining history of school segregation in California and the "right to education for minorities and immigrants." Links (via resources) to key California court cases in educational equity.

The Brown Quarterly Newsletter for Classroom Teachers
A publication of the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research.

Activity Booklet (for elementary grades) on Brown, A publication of the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research.

Teaching With Documents Lesson Plan: Documents Related to Brown v. Board of Education ----From US Government National Archives Records Administration. Using documents around Brown.

From Street Law and the Supreme Court Society. Includes background materials and classroom activities for 1, 2, or more days.

Teaching Brown: Reflections on Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities.
Forthcoming in History of Education Quarterly, v. 44, Spring 2004. This website features several university-based historians talking about how they teach Brown. It includes several teaching resources for high school teachers.

Teaching resources on Jim Crow history.

From Plessy v. Ferguson to Brown v. Board of Education: The Supreme Court Rules on School Desegregation. Sample lessons from Yale/New Haven Teachers Institute.

“Separate But Equal: The Plessy v. Ferguson Case”—from the history teaching website, History Matters.

Little Rock 9, Integration 0? – This site presents a classroom activity guide for discussing modern day issues of integration through the lens of the 1957 Central High School events. From Knowledge Network.

“Mob Rule Cannot Be Allowed to Override the Decisions of Our Courts”: President Dwight D. Eisenhower"s 1957 Address on Little Rock, Arkansas. From the history teaching website, History Matters.

Facing History Project Teaching resources on battle over school integration in Little Rock.

The Brown v. Board of Education Cases: An Education Unit on the Cases Comprising the Landmark 1954 School Desegregation Decision. This is part of a website on the history of Jim Crow.

Civil Rights Movement #1: Brown v. Board of Education: The Making of a Supreme Court Decision. Lesson plans from Africana.com

U. S. Civil Rights Movement #2: Brown v. Board of Education II: All Deliberate Speed? Lesson plans from Africana.com

This site, sponsored by the Whitney Museum, uses a Jacob Lawrence painting as the jumping off point for a lesson on Brown and educational equity.

A non-profit based in Washington DC whose mission is to provide teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into socially equitable centers of learning.

This website highlights the new book Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching, which provides lessons and articles for K-12 educators on how to go beyond a heroes approach to the Civil Rights Movement. Included in the book are interactive, interdisciplinary lessons, readings, writings, photographs, graphics, and interviews.

Brown v. Board, General Information

Text of Brown decision.

Short, interactive overview of Brown w/ some audio clips.

Brown Chronology from NAACP Legal Defense Fund.http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/school.pdf
Racial Desegregation in Public Education in the United States National Historic Landmark Survey, National Register, History and Education Program National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

This article recounts how John Stokes and his classmates in Virginia led a student walkout in 1950 to protest unequal and inadequate conditions in their segregated school. The student walkout prompted civil rights attorneys to file a law suit that later was heard by the United States Supreme Court as part of Brown v Board of Education.

Children's Books on Brown

Brown v. Board of Education , 1954: Annotated Bibliography of Selected Children's and Young Adult Book

Ruby Bridges tells her story 40 years later.

Robert Coles on Story of Ruby Bridges

Story of Ruby Bridges.

Mendez and the Segregation of Mexican-Americans

Text of Mendez decision outlawing segregation of Mexican American children in California schools, 1947.

History of Mendez v Westminster and Mexican American segregation in California from National Park Service.

A summary of Mendez case from the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

“To Have Our Own Lawyers Fight Our Own Cases”: The Origins of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. From the history teaching website, History Matters.

Historian Vicki Ruiz’s Fall 2003 article, "We Always Tell Our Children They Are Americans: Mendez v Westminster and the California Road to Brown v Board of Education."

Crawford Segregation/Desegregation in Los Angeles

Crawford v Los Angeles challenged school segregation in Los Angeles. The case was originally filed in 1963 and not settled until 1982.

This 2003 article by attorney David Ettinger chronicles the history of school segregation and the legal battle for desegregation in Los Angeles.

Contemporary Legal Challenges for Educational Justice

Williams v. State of California, filed on the 47th anniversary of Brown, challenges the substandard conditions in California schools serving low-income students of color and seeks to insure that all students in California receive a decent education.

Michelle Fine’s Expert Declaration in Williams highlighting the voices of urban youth speaking to the conditions in their schools.

Jeannie Oakes’ Expert Declaration in Williams highlighting unequal and inadequate conditions in California’s schools.

The Changing Population of LA and LAUSD

Maps that depict that changing racial and ethnic diversity in Los Angeles County for 1940-2000. UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies.

Maps that depict changes in population, income, and housing in Los Angeles county since 1940.

These reports from students in IDEA’s summer seminar include an array of computer generated maps depicting the changing social space of Los Angeles and Los Angeles schools.

This report from LAUSD includes the student demographics from each LAUSD school in 1969.

Unequal Terms: Schools in California and LA Today

This report from the Harvard Civil Rights Project highlights the high degree of school segregation in California. In 2000-2001, California ranked 2nd lowest of all states in % of African American students in Majority White schools. It ranked 4th lowest of all states in % of Whites in schools of typical African American students. California also ranked 2nd lowest of all states in % of Latino students in Majority White schools. It ranked 2nd lowest of all states in % of Whites in schools of typical Latino students.

This TCLA Report examines access to critical educational resources across California—qualified teachers and adequate school facilities.

These sites include English and Spanish pamphlets documenting California’s Teacher Crisis / Crisis De Maestros En California.

These sites include English and Spanish pamphlets documenting California’s Textbook Crisis / “La crisis de libros en California

IDEA pamphlet on school overcrowding.

IDEA pamphlet on chool facilities.

These student reports from summer 2002 document unequal access to decent school conditions.

This report from Californians for Justice features youth research making the case that California’s schools are “Still Separate, Still Unequal” in May 2001.