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Comments from Teachers and Other Readers

Reader Comments:

Mail Icon"I am part of the UCLA LOSH Program along with other eight of my girl-friends. We are highly committed to the program and been and been part of it for almost a year now. I have been acquainted with Nancy and Juan. Its nice to know that they are informing teens of their rights, along with other members of LOSH. I find my reasons of why being in LOSH similar to theirs and it makes me feel a sense of proudness within myself. I am thankful with the people of LOSH for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this program."

- Ana Arias, Manual Arts High School

"Everyone is doing a great job on this. I often pull up the website just to stay informed about what's new. Please keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

- Ebony Cain, Mills College

"I played your video (That's Just the Way It Is) twice. It moved me. Good work. This is a great web site publishing student work."

- Mrs. Mason, Nightingale Middle School

"Thanks Cynthia [Santiago], on our side of the pacific, we too feel the effects of social oppression of minority races and especially its effects on the youth. You have helped gain a better perspective of this oppression if not in a geographically different context. I hope your endeavours and ambitions will stand testament to a necessary and important struggle."

- James Gardiner, Victoria University, New Zealand

"The essay 'My World' by Emma Street was astounding. She articulates her background and her reasons for being an advocate for Teaching to Change LA. Personally I liked the essay. If we had a lot of caring teachers like this spokeswoman, then there would be a dramatic change in the test scores of the children in the schools. If the child isn't taught to practice good ethics and good morals and values while he/she is at home, then they won't practice it at school which makes an excellent (A+)student. All parents should participate in this program and become advocates. It could make a change for the good. Thank you for your time."

- Samuel Ettima, South West College

"Inspirational! Great use of GIS software -- students are using data to present original and provocative ideas. It inspires me to think harder about what I could have my science students do. Great job."

- Jack McLeod, Reader and teacher, via e-mail to TCLA

"As an educator, your web site is extremely informative and in many respects thought provoking. I am also excited at how students' work is central to the information presented on the web site."

Elmer E. Rivera

"Reading your site makes me excited that there are people there really doing the hard work of tackling these difficult, and overwhelming, and draining issues of educating our urban, poor youth."

Nicole Moore, Oakland, CA

"I am very impressed with your web site… I get very excited to learn that there are other organizations within this country that totally appreciate the true concept of democracy, and apply it in the realms of our educational system! Revel on!"

Brooke Merryfield, Ohio University

Teacher Comments:

Mail Icon"My students' participation with Teaching to Change LA gave them increased self-confidence, pride in their work, and it brought respect and esteem from their families. It showed them that if you work hard and do innovative work you are rewarded. They saw the results of their published work on the web and it just thrilled them. Not only could they learn a sophisticated college-level technology and display masses of data graphically, but they could use it to describe complex issues with originality. Creating these GIS maps for the journal gave these students a view of the world they live in, the demographics of their neighborhood and how that affects their scholastic achievement. I think the fact that students at Jordan High could do something that no other students in the United States had done really boosted their egos. They were pioneers in a new technology. One student's father complimented her and he had never spoken to her about school. He encouraged her to go on to college. This guy has two jobs and works 16 hours a day trying to take care of his family."

- Herschel Sarnoff, Teacher contributor

"Being part of the journal allowed me to move beyond the low expectations that see kindergarten teachers as babysitters . And in doing so, I was able to usher in my students and their families along with me in a powerful way. The uniqueness of the journal, as both a process and a tangible product, gives a certain weight to the belief that learning can have no limits. In other words, it not just some "pie in the sky" that their teacher is spouting off. It is real and they have the power to access and engage it right now!"

- Cicely Morris, Editor & Teacher

"By participating in the online journal, I was given a remarkable opportunity. By writing an article on creating democracy in my classroom, I solidified and clarified for myself what I am accomplishing in my classroom."

- Liz Minster, Teacher Contributor

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